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Patient awareness and action is key and timing is everything. You can be 10X more likely to survive cancer if you catch it early.

Let Us Teach You How to Detect Cancer Early

Active patients get better healthcare. Bring our wellness program to your workplace for training that goes beyond prevention. We don’t know who will get cancer, but we do know that 40% of us will be diagnosed.

What people are saying…

“It is eye-opening to realize how taking 3 simple steps can save your life.”

Suzanne Dupre
Massachusetts Bankers Assoc.

“I really wanted everyone in our organization to have the same access to this information as I did.”

Michael Detarando
President & CEO, Incom

This training saves lives.

DetecTogether is a 501(c)(3) education and advocacy organization that is saving lives by teaching people how to detect cancer early and become active partners in their healthcare. DetecTogether uses 3 Steps Detect to educate people about the signs and symptoms of cancer, motivates them to pay attention to health changes, empowers them to seek timely care, and to collaborate with their physicians.

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