“We can have a real impact on cancer survival rates if we educate people about what to look for and screening options.”

Justin Maykel, M.D.

Chief, Colorectal Surgery, UMass Memorial Health
Medical Advisor to DetecTogether

Cancer treatment is more successful and less costly when cancer is found in its early stages. But do your employees and their dependents know how to detect cancer early so that they can save their own lives and reduce the cost of treatment that you are paying for? Probably not.

DetecTogether can help. We deliver a comprehensive and affordable Workplace Wellbeing training program that empowers employees with the cost-saving and life-saving benefit of early cancer detection. Employees will learn when to get screened, how to recognize early warning signs of cancer and when to seek care. We’re the only ones teaching this critical education.

Programs, tailored to meet customer needs and budgets, can include:

  • On-Demand eLearning
  • Live Webinars and Digital Lunch & Learns
  • Live Presentations

Find out how DetecTogether’s program can reduce healthcare costs in your organization.

For more information, email workplacetraining@detectogether.org or call (508) 869-5200.

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